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Weberr Technologies Inc.


$5 Billion

funds in cash or credit for digital businesses

The Start Digital Business Fund is an initiative that offers $10,000 to an individual for starting a digital marketing venture. These funds aim to provide a working capital for enterprising individuals to financially stabilize the digital marketing business. Start Digital Business is a collaborative effort to boost digital business among different individuals.

Every grantee is getting $10000 Check what they say

“I could not have survived the financial crunch during the critical times. Thankfully, Digital Business Fund helped me to re-build my career in the digital space.”

Maria Lofi, Spain

“Start Digital Business has been a blessing in critical times. I have been successful in making payments to my staff in the critical times because of the funds that I received.”

Julias Nora, India

“Start Digital Business Fund has helped me to motivate myself in critical situations. I have been able to create my own digital space because of these funds.”

Angel Maria, Brazil

“I was in desperate need of success in my career. Start Digital Business Fund helped me with the much needed funds during that time and helped me to create my digital business.”

Davil luis, Canada

“Start Digital Business Fund has helped me to come up with my own digital line up and build websites for others during the times of the pandemic.”

Aonal Jessa, Costarica

“This fund was exactly what I needed to work on my own website. These funds helped me to create my own webpage and build my career.”

Nani Fateh, Japan

Impacting 2 million people worldwide

The Start Digital Business Fund focuses on helping different individuals to establish their own digital marketing business. Over 70,000 individuals have taken advantage of these funds and have been able to start their own digital marketing business. The primary lookout of the fund is to give a good boost in an individual's career to grow their digital business.


Our mission is to boost digital economy and help those individuals who wants to make a career in the digital marketing business. We are happy to bring smile on the face of young and aspiring career-oriented people.

Suhas Jadhav. CEO
Weberr Technologies Inc.


It was our collective efforts to boost the individual's career in the field of digital marketing. The initiative was created by the joint efforts of many organizations which aimed to uplift one's career scope in the digital marketing business and digital economy as a whole.

Start Digital Business Fund has helped almost 70,000 individuals across 30 countries to establish their digital marketing businesses successfully. The funds will aim to provide more assistance to almost 5 Lakh individuals in the future.

Funded $5 billion by corporate and philanthropic partners, The start digital business fund is a collective effort to provide a $10000 grant to as many aspiring individuals as we could.

There are no such special criteria for availing these funds. However, the person needs to have a legal age of 16 and above along with legal authorized documents and bank accounts to show for the same.



The ‘Start Digital Business Fund’ has brought happiness and relief to many individuals. Let's grow together!!!